Divide Android App is Divine

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We have just switched off Lotus Notes as an e-mail platform and over to Microsoft Exchange.  Now I can synchronize my e-mail, calendar, and contacts directly to my phone.  The dark side of carrying corporate data on your personal device is that Exchange Activesync on Android may be configured to …

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Organizing Web Research with Linkwok


There are many ways to organize your research as you move across the Web.  Visual researchers will want to take a look at Linkwok.  You save your search results onto a large canvas, where you can group and create relationships between the results, add annotations, and then save and share …

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Redirect URLs in Microsoft Internet Information Server

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You can redirect Web requests as they hit your Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and send them to a new location.  This can help if you are moving content around and want people to get to it using links you have shared in the past. IIS has a graphical user …

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