Save Twitter for Later

Buzzard hovering over its dinner at Glastonbury Tor, England

You can use current awareness tools to watch information flow past in real time or save it for later.  I do a lot of news trapping and, while I use alert services with RSS feeds, sometimes I want to capture something to review later.  I had been using Scraperwiki for …

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Law Libraries and Legal Malpractice

A flow chart of the legal research process as pictured by David Whelan and the relative costs of each segment

Lawyers do not need law libraries to be competent.  The reality of modern legal practice is that legal professionals need access to legal information and its location is irrelevant.  Legal publishers have embraced this and, over the last decade, have devoted their product development to lawyer work flow.  This workflow …

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Corporate Counsel Can Work Anywhere


Corporate counsel and in-house lawyers can work anywhere: in the office, on the road, at home.  Unfortunately, mobile lawyering for corporations is as anemic a productivity tool as it is for lawyers everywhere.  Legal professionals who generate new work product and communications at their desk do less when they get …

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