Organizing Web Research with Linkwok


There are many ways to organize your research as you move across the Web.  Visual researchers will want to take a look at Linkwok.  You save your search results onto a large canvas, where you can group and create relationships between the results, add annotations, and then save and share …

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Redirect URLs in Microsoft Internet Information Server

bouncing balls graphic

You can redirect Web requests as they hit your Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and send them to a new location.  This can help if you are moving content around and want people to get to it using links you have shared in the past. IIS has a graphical user …

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Save Twitter for Later

Buzzard hovering over its dinner at Glastonbury Tor, England

You can use current awareness tools to watch information flow past in real time or save it for later.  I do a lot of news trapping and, while I use alert services with RSS feeds, sometimes I want to capture something to review later.  I had been using Scraperwiki for …

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