Easier Accessible Tables in HTML from Microsoft Word


There is an easy way to help non-technical staff adding tables to Web pages in your content management system to make them more accessible.  It involves Microsoft Word.  This may seem counter-intuitive if you have ever tried to create a Web page from a Microsoft Office product.  However, by using …

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Use Elasticsearch as Default WordPress Search


Elasticsearch is an open source search tool that I have been watching for awhile.  My current content management system is WordPress and I was interested to see if I could replace it’s default search with Elasticsearch.  This is overkill – I have roughly 550 documents on this site – but …

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Match Your Android Keyboard for Better Passwords

old fashioned typewriter

Passwords are important.  You already know that.  One of the things I noticed on my Android devices is that creating strong passwords – letters and numbers and special characters – is made harder by the default keyboard.  As if there isn’t enough friction already against creating long, complex passwords, having …

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