David Whelan’s Résumé

I improve information access.  I have managed small and large information, library, and technology teams delivering information to professionals.  My interests have frequently led me to consult with businesses and other organizations on their technology and information issues.

I focus on technology and information, including knowledge management, competitive and business intelligence, use of metrics and analytics for better decision-making and resource management, and emerging trends in information technology and information management areas.


Manager, Legal Information
Law Society of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
(formerly known as the Law Society of Upper Canada)
2007 – present

  • Manage the Great Library, a public law library operated by the Ontario lawyer and paralegal regulator, with 20 staff and a $3 million budget, handling over 20,000 interactions a year and primarily serving a membership of over 45,000 lawyers and paralegals.
  • Manage the corporate records and archives department, dealing with issues related to document management and retention by 600 organization staff, knowledge management, information management, and preservation for corporate departments as well as external researchers.
  • Assumed management of the web content management team in 2011 at the CEO’s request following a sub-optimal Web site rollout, supporting a redesign of the Web site as well as an integration of multiple Web properties for better navigation and search and design and management of the corporate intranet.  Transferred the team back to IT in 2017.
  • Provided subject matter expertise in shifting provincial courthouse law library system from two online legal research providers to a single source, saving $1 million in the first year, and continuing to broker biennial competitive bids from the two primary legal publishers in Canada on behalf of the courthouse law library funding source.
  • Act as an internal and external resource on legal technology, law practice management, legal information management, and law libraries, speaking and writing frequently on issues related to cloud, confidentiality, social media, encryption, and law practice, including a bi-monthly column on Slaw.ca.

David has negotiated electronic licenses with North American legal publishers for the law libraries he has managed, creating collaborative one-of-a-kind subscriptions that balance publisher needs with information access for the legal professionals he serves.

Law Library Director
Cincinnati Law Library Association
, Cincinnati Ohio
2004 – 2007

  • Managed subscription membership county courthouse law library serving 1,500 lawyers across a multi-county region, working with non-profit (503(c)) board of trustees and elected government representatives to deliver legal information.
  • Rebuilt library endowment through improved fiscal management, refocusing collection development and documenting collection strategy.
  • Managed migration from Sirsi Dynix integrated library system (ILS) to cloud-based EOS service.
  • Developed and implemented members-only research Web site that integrated subscriptions to services including Fastcase, HeinOnline, and ALI-ABA in what were often first of their kind license arrangements between legal publishers and courthouse libraries.
  • Was a member of an Ohio legislative task force on county courthouse law libraries, and that led to increased public access to justice and county legal research boards.

Adjunct Lecturer
University of North Texas School of Library and Information Science, Denton, Texas
Web Development and Maintenance (5714), 2007

David’s work as an adjunct at US universities often involved teaching entire courses remotely, using courseware and interactive tools with students around the country.

Adjunct Lecturer
University of Northern Kentucky Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Highland Heights, Kentucky
Adjunct Lecturer, Basic Legal Research, 2004, 2005

Director, Legal Technology Resource Center
American Bar Association, Chicago Illinois
1999 – 2004

  • Managed team of reference librarians and lawyers delivering legal technology research to lawyers and businesses supporting the legal vertical market, focused productivity and information management technology for law practice.
  • Redesigned annual survey and published reports to improve year to year comparisons as well as to better segment types of law practice technology information for purchasers, making the LTRC cost-neutral based on survey and sponsorship revenue.
  • Acted as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the American Bar Association from April 2003 to August 2003 at the COO’s request during a crisis period, handling significant staff and technology upheaval and cost over-runs.
  • Spoke and wrote widely on law practice and technology topics, primarily at national or state bar association meetings, but also at Microsoft and Dell events.
  • Internal and external resource on technology and information matters, including content management, taxonomy, and participation in the LegalXML board of directors.

At the ABA, David’s role involved working closely with governance boards and stakeholders, acting as a subject matter expert on technology-related issues including a future of law practice committee and XML standards group.

Adjunct Lecturer
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
2000 – 2005

  • LEEP Program, 2000, 2002-2005 Using Networked Information Systems (LIS353LE/LIS454LE)
  • LEEP Program, 2003, 2005, Law Resources (LIS433GLE, LIS530GLE)

Head of Computing and Technology Services
Electronic Services Librarian
Southern Methodist University School of Law Underwood Law Library, Dallas, Texas
1996 – 1999

  • Managed instructional and operations technology team for +50 faculty, public access PCs, servers, and wired and wireless networks.
  • Designed, developed, and delivered intranet and extranet sites for law school and law library.
  • Provided technical support for an early law school e-book, using Folio Views.
  • Wrote portion of successful $1 million grant that enabled faculty to shift to portable PCs for teaching around law school.

Web Consultant
O’Faolain Web Design
Web consulting and design: July 1997- October 1999

Law Clerk and Librarian
McGlinchey Stafford Lang, Little Rock, Arkansas
1994 – 1996

Circulation Assistant
University of Arkansas – Little Rock School of Law Library
1993 – 1994

Technical Support and Marketing
Future Law, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Privilege Case Management software: 1992 – 1993



Practice Law in the Cloud, Thomson Reuters Carswell, January 2013 (110 pages, ISBN: 9780888046079 )

Finding and Managing Legal Information on the Internet, Second Edition, Canada Law Book, March 2012 ( 230 pages, ISBN: 9780888045652)

Finding and Managing Legal Information on the Internet, Canada Law Book, May 2010  (188 pages, ISBN: 9780888045065)

Electronic (eBook)

These books are self-published using the Pressbooks plugin for WordPress and are free downloads.  E-books are CC-A-SA.  Feel free to share or repurpose as suits you.

David started self-publishing to gain experience with content management systems and free, Creative Commons-licensed law practice ebooks, after having worked as an author with commercial legal publishing.

Law Practice Technology (March 2015) is an introduction to law office technology for law students who are getting ready to graduate or are taking a legal technology practice course in law school.

Confidentiality in a Wired World (April 2013; revised November 2016) is a short checklist-approach to addressing confidentiality and professional rules-related issues for lawyers using technology in their law practices.


Artificial Intelligence v. Automation, Legal IT Today, Issue 17, p. 35, March 2017.

What is the Biggest Technology-Related Issue Facing Lawyers Today?, The Florida Bar Journal (Volume 90, Issue 1, pp. 42-43) January 2016.

How to Work with Legal Publishers: Tips from the Front Line, The CRIV Sheet, Vol. 37, No. 3, May 2015. (Based on this post)

For over a decade, David was a member of the Law Technology News editorial advisory board and helped develop themes and contributed content to the publication, among many of the other well-known publications in the law practice and #legaltech communities.

Avoid Panic on Planes, BYO Chargers for iOS and Android, Law Technology News, June 12, 2014.

For the Record:  Internet of Things, For the Defence – Criminal Lawyers’ Association Newsletter, March 2014.

Renovating the Law:  Reality vs. Wish List, Law Technology News, February 24, 2014.  Republished in print as Renovate Law, Law Technology News, March 2014.

A Cloud View for LegalTech New York, Law Technology News, February 4, 2014.

Market Without Software Boundaries, Law.com, January 3, 2014.  Also reprinted in Law Technology News, February 2014, p. 25.

Lock Before You Load, Law.com, December 20, 2013.

Crowdsourcing Legal Information:  Fad or Change Agent?, Law.com, October 22, 2013.

Open Source File Storage and Synchronization for Law Firms, Law.com, October 17, 2013.

A Quick Orientation to Cloud Search Tools, Law.com, October 16, 2013.

Backward/Forward:  Are These Rules Still Revolutionary?, Law.com, April 4, 2013. [book review of Guy Kawasaki’s Rules for Revolutionaries, 13 years on]

Lock and Key:  Data Protection and Governance in the Cloud, Managing Partner, January 30, 2013.

Product Review: Thomson Innovation, FreePint Subscription Report Series, August 2012.

Integrating Technology Into Your Trial Practice, For the Defense (Criminal Lawyers Association Newsletter), compiled by Simon Borys, contributed with Phil Brown, Taro Inoue, and Jacob Jesin, February 2012.

Don’t Let Web Encryption Control You, Law Technology News (online only), October 2011.

Flip Your Research 360°, Law Technology News (online only), June 2011.

Book Review: When Gadgets Betray Us (Robert Vamosi), Law Technology News, May 2011.

Get the Electronic Licence You Want, Canadian Law Library Review, 2011.

2010 LTN Innovation Awards, Law Technology News, February 2011.

Dowsing for Gold, Web Watch column, Law Technology News, May 2010.

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Right Size Your Research, Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Briefly Speaking, August 2009.

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10 Ways to Stretch Your Research Dollars, Law Practice, March 2009. (with Catherine Sanders Reach)

Slip Sliding Away, Law Technology News, November 2008.

Book Review:  The 2008 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide, Legal Information Alert.  September 2008 (June 2008)

Simply Powerful, Law Technology News, December 2007.

Put the Squeeze on Your Technology, Cincinnati Bar Association CBA Report, April 2007.

Small Firm Focus: Buying Blunders, Law Technology News, March 2007.

A Technology Sampler Platter, Library Hi Tech News, July 2006.

Legal Research: Opinions Online, Law Technology News, July 2006.

  • Reprint: Legal Research? Take it to Court, Law.com, July 2006.

A Collaborative Experiment: ohiolawlibrary.org, American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) State Court and County Law Library (SCCLL) Special Interest Section News, Spring 2006.

Book Review: Directory of Periodicals Online, Business Information Alert, October 2005.

Library Spotlight: Blend Your Legal Research, Law Technology News, July 2005.

  • Reprint: Blend Your Legal Research: Cost-Saving Services Complement Westlaw and Lexisnexis, Pennsylvania Law Weekly, December 2005

Office Administration: Automating Benefits and Payroll Services, Law Technology News, April 2005.

Book Review: The Essential Formbook, Law Technology News, April 2005.

Glum News About E-Billing, Law Firm, Inc., October 2004.

  • Reprint: Glum Times for E-Invoices, Law Technology News, October 2004.
  • Reprint: Electronic Billing: Glum Times for E-Invoices, New Jersey Law Journal, October 2004.
  • Reprint: The Benefits and Costs of Electronic Billing, Legal Times, October 2004.

What’s Up with Wireless?, Philadelphia Lawyer, Summer 2004.

Time and Billing, Small Firm Business, March 2004.

  • Reprint: Who Knows Where Time Goes? Small Firms Can Benefit from Time and Billing Software, The Recorder, April 2005.

Where is the Portable Lawyer?, Wisconsin Law Journal, November 2003 (special edition).

Someone once told David that he’d written a lot, but they were all short! In addition to his print and ebooks, he has written whatever length the publication required. Sometimes short for news or newsletters, sometimes longer for things like the ALA Management Encyclopedia.

Technology Decisions: What to Buy? What to Buy?, Association of Legal Administrators’ Management Encyclopedia 2003, November 2003.

What’s Hot and Not in Small and Mid-Size Law Firm Technology, Law Office Management and Administration Report, November 2003.

Beyond 2003: Predictions 2013, Law Technology News, October 2003.

Taking Command of Your Inbox, Philadelphia Lawyer, Fall 2003.

Feasibility and Viability of the Digital Library in a Private Law Firm Library, 95 Law Library Journal 369 (2003). (co-authored with Molly Flood and Catherine Reach)

Second Opinions: Getting in Front of I.T. Challenges, Law Technology News, August 2003.

Make Online Research Time More Productive, Philadelphia Bar Association Bar Reporter, July 2003.

8 Reasons to Summon FedEx and UPS Online, Law Firm, Inc., April 2003.

Case Software Helps Automate Your Office, Philadelphia Bar Association Bar Reporter, March 2003.

Second Opinions: Unwiring Your Home and Office, Law Technology News, March 2003.

The Near Future for Technology and the Lawyer, Wisconsin Law Journal, December 2002.

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Book Review: Introduction to Academic Law Library Design: A Features Approach, Legal Information Alert, April 2001.

Book Review: Drafting Internet Agreements, Legal Information Alert, September 2000.


Confidentiality in a Wired World, The Law Society of Upper Canada, December 5, 2017.

Protect a Digital Law Practice, 2017 Law Society of Upper Canada Solo and Small Firm conference, June 8, 2017.

Confidentiality in a Wired World – Star Wars Edition, The Law Society of Upper Canada, May 4, 2017.

Insights on Negotiating, Toronto Association of Law Libraries, May 3, 2017.

Confidentiality in a Wired World, The Law Society of Upper Canada, December 1, 2016.

Apps and Gadgets for the Mobile Lawyer, Ontario Bar Association TechXpo 2016, November 9, 2016 (with Allan Oziel).

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Manage Your Information Flow Before Trial, Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Innovation in Litigation conference, May 9, 2016.

Introduction to Law Office Technology seminar, Duke University School of Law, January 2016 (Skype).

David has participated in a decades-long rite at the Duke University School of Law’s law office technology seminar, dropping in first by Polycom and then Skype to participate in the first class.

Confidentiality in a Wired World, The Law Society of Upper Canada, December 4, 2015.

Storing Digital Records: Obligations and Best Practices, Law Society of Upper Canada 23d Annual Immigration Law Summit, November 8, 2015 (panel with Phil Brown).

Protecting Client Information in the Digital Era, Canadian Bar Association Annual Meeting, August 15, 2015 (panel with Carolena Gordon, Dan Pinnington, and Scott Kitching).

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Competitor or Frenemy?, Legaltech West Coast, June 24, 2014 (panel with Tim Hwang and Jay Mandel).

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2014 Solo and Small Firm Conference, conference co-chair and panelist on Ultimate Tips Blitz, The Law Society of Upper Canada, June 12-13, 2014.

Confidentiality in the Wired World, The Law Society of Upper Canada, May 22, 2014.

Phil Brown, an Ontario lawyer and practice management wizard, started a podcast about law practice technology. He and I riffed on about 40 topics, including cloud computing and encryption.

Location of cloud servers

Five questions about endpoint encryption

North American Courthouse Libraries: Adapting to Change, Southwestern Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting, March 21, 2014.

The Virtual Law Office:  Is It Right for You?, Canadian Bar Association Skilled Lawyer Practice Stream CLE Series, with Linda Long, January 2014 (Webinar).

Introduction to Law Office Technology seminar, Duke University School of Law, January 2014 (Skype).

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Two Sides of Social Media, Ontario Ombudsman in-house training, December 2013.

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Secrets, Lawsuits & Mediation:  US and Canadian Alternatives to FOI Litigation (panelist), Section of Administrative Law, American Bar Association Annual meeting, August 2011.

Running Your Practice on the Cloud in a Safe and Ethical Manner (panel with Catherine Sanders Reach), 6th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference, Law Society of Upper Canada, June 2011.

Risk Management Outside the Office, Law Society of Upper Canada, March 2011.

Introduction to Law Office Technology seminar at  Duke University School of Law, January 2011 (Video conference).

Confidentiality in a Digital World, Law Society of Upper Canada, December 2010.

Information Management for Litigators, panelist, Advocate’s Society Fall Forum, October 2010.

5th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference, Law Society of Upper Canada, May 2010

  • Social Media 201 (with Jordan Furlong and Michele Allinotte)
  • Online Research:  Free Tools and How To Maximize Your Search (with Richard Sage)

Lawyer Responsibilities in a Wired World, Law Society of Upper Canada, May 2010

Risk Management Outside the Law Office, Law Society of Upper Canada, December 2009

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4th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference, Law Society of Upper Canada, May 2009

  • E-mail Emancipation: How to Cut the Time That E-mail Takes Out of Your Day , Law Society of Upper Canada (with Catherine Sanders Reach)
  • Productivity Tools to Help You Attain Work-Life Balance in Trying Times(with John Starzynski & Carolyn Wilson)

American Bar Association Techshow, April 2009

  • Software as a Service: Can You Say Goodbye to Upgrade Headaches with SaaS? (with Catherine Sanders Reach)
  • Research on a Dime: Effective Authoritative Sources for the Budget-Minded(with Catherine Sanders Reach)

Managing Information Overload, Law Society of Upper Canada, October 2008 (with Jeanette Bosschart and Meris Bray).

E-mail Emancipation: Productivity in the Age of Information Overload, 3d Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference, Law Society of Upper Canada, May 2008 (with Catherine Reach).

Defend with Ingenuity Annual DWI Conference, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, October 2007.

  • Improve Your Hand: Technology in Your Future
  • Do More Virtually

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Cutting the Cord: Wireless Law Practice is Here!, Milwaukee Bar Association Wisconsin Law and Technology Show 2003, November 2003.

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Zero to 60: High-Speed Internet ResearchContra Costa County Bar Association, May 2003.

$5,000 Law Office program for the Wisconsin State Bar, April 2003.

On the Go: Mobility and the Lawyer, Dell Small / Mid-sized Business Group, Legal Industry Executive Briefing, April 2003.

Bells and Whistles without Bills and Wails panel at the National Conference of Bar President’s midyear meeting, Seattle, WA, February 2003.

David has been speaking about, and following, law practice technology for decades, and spoke to Duke about large law firm (“biglaw”) technology in 2003.

Technology and the Large Law Firm Lawyer for the Duke University School of Law, January 2003.

Cutting Edge Technology for Small Law Firms for the Shreveport Bar Association, December 2002.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Technology Buck for the Central Louisiana Pro Bono Project Continuing Legal Education, December 2002.

Wisconsin Law and Technology Show 2002, December 2002.

  • 60 Tips, Sites and Gadgets
  • What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2003

Large Law Firm Technology Overview on technology trends in large US law firms for the Microsoft Global Professional Services Training Conference, November 2002.

Chicago Legaltech 2002 technology conference, November 2002.

  • 60 Hot PC Tips, Tools, and Net Sites to Pump Up Your Practice
  • The Legal ‘Net Grows Up

ABA Law Student Division, Joint Circuit Meeting, ABA Technology, October 2002.

St. Louis University, Technology and the Law Student, October 2002.

State Bar of California Annual Meeting, October 2002.

  • Technology and the Young Lawyer
  • Opening a Solo Practice

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Chicago Legaltech 2001 Conference, November 2001.

  • To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade: Maximizing Your Technology Dollars
  • Pro-Active Disaster Planning II: Securing Your Perimeter
  • 15 Tech Tips for “60 Legaltech Tips in 60 Minutes

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Faculty, State Bar of Montana Annual Meeting Rookie Camp, September 2001.

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Southwestern Association of Law Libraries Annual Conference, Printer Accounting: Reining in the Printing Beast, April 1999.

University of North Texas School of Library & Information Science Chapter of the American Society for Information Science, Web Portfolios, September 1998.

Guest Lecturer, University of North Texas School of Library & Information Science, Internet Resources and Utilization 5711, on HTML and Web Page Creation, July 1998.


University of North Texas School of Library and Information Sciences, Denton, Texas
M.L.S., 1999

University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law, Little Rock, Arkansas
J.D., 1996

University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
B.A., Political Science, 1992

University of Sheffield (UK)
Politics and Law for one year


Certified Information Professional, November 2012 (by exam), Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)

Library Reviews

Law library review, University of Saskatchewan university libraries, November 2011.

Academic law libraries have invited David to participate in reviews of their technology or operations. He frequently consults informally with other law and special libraries.

Technology consulting, Louisiana State University School of Law, December 2002.

Technology consulting, University of Mississippi School of Law, December 2000.

Professional Associations

American Bar Association, 1993-present.

American Association of Law Libraries, 1996-present (Member, Citation Formats Committee 2003-2004; Chair, Citation Formats Committee 2004-2005).

Association of Information and Image Management, 2012-2014 (Member).

Canadian Association of Law Libraries, 2007-2012 (Co-chair, Canadian Law Society and Courthouse Library Directors roundtable, 2008-2012; member, CanLII Advisory Committee, 2009-2010; member, Vendor Liaison Committee, 2009-2012; chair, program committee, 2012 Conference Planning Committee).

Cincinnati Bar Association, 2005-2007 (Member, Legal Research and Information Resources Committee).

International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), 2013-present.

Library Leadership Institute 2009participant, May 2009.

National Association of Bar Executives, 2002 – 2004.

Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries, 2004 – 2007.

Ohio State Bar Association, 2005 – 2007.

Ontario Libraries Association, 2009-2012.

Special Libraries Association, Legal Division, member (2000 – 2013); Cincinnati Chapter, member (2005-2007), chair-elect (2005-2006), chair (2006-2007); Competitive Intelligence Division, member (2012-2013).

Toronto Association of Law Libraries, 2007-2009.


Finalist, 2017 CLawBies (legal blogging award), Law Library Blog category, for personal blog

Winner, 2014 CLawBies (legal blogging award), Legal Technology category, for personal blog

Finalist, 2012 CLawBies (legal blogging award), Law Library Blog category, for Finding Legal Information blog

Finalist, 2011 CLawBies (legal blogging award), Law Library Blog category, for Finding Legal Information blog

Member of the inaugural Fastcase 50 (2011), “honoring the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, and leaders”.

Named one of Canada’s top legal social media influencers (2011)

Finalist, 2010 CLawBies (legal blogging award), Law Librarian Blog category, for Finding Legal Information blog

External Board, Committee, and Volunteer Activity

Member-at-Large, Newmarket Citizens’ Band executive committee, 2018-2020.

Member, Advisory Committee, Toronto Legaltech 2015.

Volunteer Coach, Newmarket Soccer Club U9 Boys, 2014-2015.

Member, Canadian Centre for Court Technology Clearinghouse Working Group, 2010 – 2011.

Volunteer Leader, Scouts Canada, 2008-2010 (Beaver Scouts: Ringtail; Cub Scouts: Bagheera).

Member, Ohio General Assembly Task Force on Law Libraries, 2005-2007.

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Law Technology News, 2002-2014.

Member, Law Technology News Annual Technology Awards judges panel, 2003-2013.

Member, Board of Directors, LegalXML, Inc. XML standards development organization, 2001-2002.

Member, IT Steering Committee, Volunteer Center of Dallas, 1998-1999.