Sistani Saves the Day

and Sadr’s head, I expect. Every country has great leaders, who appear when the worst happens. In some cases, they are small men who achieve greatness in crisis and others, like Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani have long been leaders in their countries. His return to save the shrine of Imam Ali and the people of Najaf is wonderful, not only because it should only further boost his place but also because it simultaneously shows his clerical colleague to be that much more of a brigand.

The New York Times reports that Sadr’s cutthroats are moving out of Najaf in accordance with the cease-fire that was negotiated by Grand Ayatollah Sistani and approved by the Iraqi government. This is excellent news, not only because it will save numerous Iraqi and coalition troops’ lives, but that it soothes one of the continually erupting boils in the ongoing rebuilding of that poor country. One that has just re-emerged is in Kufa where an unsigned mortar shell landed in a crowd of demonstrators, enabling everyone to disclaim responsibility and to point at the American troops as the likeliest target.