Are Americans Idiots?

I am generally amused by the comments of Canadian government officials who have taken to using intemperate speech about their neighbors to the South. As a Canadian, I must admit that I can see their point when taken in a focused, rather general way. Prime Minister Paul Martin has asked Member of Parliament Carolyn Parrish to retract her statement that Canada was not “joining a coalition of the idiots”, a riff on Bush’s so-called coalition of the “willing”. MP Parrish has indicated she won’t, and I can’t blame her. It is untrue that Americans are idiots, but there is clearly some doubt as to the political leadership, both elected and bureacratic, that enables such feeble and misguided actions to continually spew from the strongest country in the world.

MP Parrish fell back on a dictionary definition of idiot which, when considered for a moment, could clearly be attributed to George W. Bush. The man is clearly not the wattage that generates ideas in the Executive Branch. He is surrounded by creative and intelligent people, as well as the unprincipled and the incompetent. But it is unfair to pillory one elected representative from an ally who identifies those countries who have partnered with Bush in his unjust attack on a sovereign nation, as idiots. I am only thankful that the soldier most closely related to me will be heading home soon.

Francoise Ducros, former Prime Minister Jean Chretien‘s Director of Communications, made a similar comment about Bush being a moron, which, amusingly enough to me anyway, has the exact same definition when Googled!! So three cheers for our leader of subnormal intelligence, and here’s hoping that America might this time rise above the mediocrity of its two parties and leaders and identify people who can truly bring about the changes needed to continue to keep this country great. My money is on Senator John McCain and Senate hopeful Barack Obama.