Apache on Debian Etch: Errors

This is a little thing that arose when I was migrating Apache, and my online research was inconclusive. The scenario: I was running Apache 2 under Debian Sarge and migrated all of my content and configurations to Apache 2 under Debian Etch. No problem, right? Wrong. Funky error messages popped up as soon as I made the transition and I worked through them with some help from online postings. But the weirdest error ended up being two different ones, and only one was critical, so I thought I’d post about it.

The error appeared as soon as I invoked Apache and asked it to start.  It then told me:

Namevirtualhost *:0 has no virtual hosts


I particularly liked the failed because it was in red and it’s the first time I’ve had an error take the time to be color-coded for me.  I read a number of posts but didn’t really find anything applicable.

In the end, there were two issues.  The first line actually could be ignored – the server started just fine and the virtual hosts appeared to work.  I’m still not entirely sure why that appeared.

More problematic was the failed message.  It turns out that the default Apache install I’d had in the past had the /logs folder under the /apache2 folder.  On the new machine, the logs were now in /var/logs and so when Apache couldn’t put my logs in a folder called logs/errorlahdidah (because there was no logs/ folder) it failed.  The obvious fix for this would have been to look at the log to see what the error was!  And, of course, when I looked for the logs and found them not where I expected them, I suddenly didn’t need to look at the logs because I was now pretty sure what it was.

Other than that, it was a pretty straightforward migration and everything has come back up (including my Plone!).  I’ve got a couple of MySQL sites to bring back to life but they’re lower priority for the moment.