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Virtual Migration: Moving to a Web Based ILS

Despite the shrieks that the “catalog is dead”, long live the catalog! I was fortunate to be part of a panel of librarians at a workshop designed for those contemplating a move to a Web-based Integrated Library System. The session was a special program put on by the SLA Legal Division as part of the Denver annual meeting.

The session was attended – early on a Sunday morning in the mile-long Colorado Convention Center – by librarians from law firms, high schools, and corporations.  My portion of the program focused on the selection but most of all on the implementation of the ILS.  Obviously, in 45 minutes, there is a limit to what you can do.  I had to supplement my presentation with this handout of tips and ideas to consider when selecting and implementing an ILS.  It reflects a distillation of what I would have liked to know when we moved from our Dynix Horizon system (now defunct) in 2006 and onto our hosted EOS International EOS.Web system.

David Whelan

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