Current Play List – August 2007

Getting a head start on this month’s play list! My CDs are still largely packed up so I’ve been resorting to other music resources. Fortunately, my record player is available and I received a gift of 4 “mix” CDs!

Vinyl LPs

I’ve kept most of my vinyl collection over the years, getting rid only of those disks that make you say, “What was I thinking?” Some – like Pearl Harbor and the Explosions or Sigue Sigue Sputnik – I keep around for sentimental reasons. But I’ve got a pretty eclectic set of LPs so there’s always something to pull out and spin.

The children are quite fascinated to see it work as well! I’ve been putting on The RamonesRocket to Russia, The PoguesPeace and Love, and Big Audio Dynamite‘s No. 10, Upping St.. I’ve leavened this mixture with a bunch of Welsh choral and march CDs, with numerous renditions of Cwm Rhondda and God Bless the Prince of Wales.


I’m not a militant vinyl lover, but what I do love about vinyl is that it lacks the crispness of CDs. I find nothing more irritating than listening to a quiet concerto and hearing the performer huff and puff like Monica Seles at the net. I suppose my seats in an orchestra hall are usually “in the Gods” so I’m unaccustomed to hearing anything but the performer’s music.

The mix CDs I received, though, don’t suffer from that sort of problem!  They are a sprinkling of alternative rock – Emo? other subvariants?  I’m too unhip to know – but are mostly enjoyable.  Bands include The Hives, The White Stripes, AFI, and Franz Ferdinand.  I know if I listened to “The Sound” more often, these would be much more familiar than they are.  It was nice to see that someone younger than me thought that the Violent Femmes were still cool!  [The Sound is also where I heard Peter Bjorn and John‘s Young Folks, a quirky song with a whistle!  Very catchy!]

It made a nice change from the three CDs that placated our youngest while we were on a recent trip.  My two eldest children can perform significant parts of The Music Man now, and our youngest enjoys that.  Country Goes Raffi was another that we really enjoy – especially Keith Urban‘s vowel’s on the apples and bananas song – but it can get a bit tedious on a long car drive.  Another one that last’s a bit better – because it’s very weird – is Daniel Kirk’s Go.  This is actually a book with a 28 song CD included; the illustrations are great, the songs unusual, the guitar playing needs a bit of work.  But the kids love how unusual the songs are (they are catchy in a Girl from Ipanema way).