Current Play List – Winter 2007

I’ve been in a terrible rut with music since arriving in Canada. It took awhile to unpack boxes with music and the like. They’re all on the shelves now, and I’ve also been tapping the Toronto Public Library for its collection, taking pot luck at the City Hall branch.


I bought Rocket to Russia in vinyl many years ago, and I’ve always enjoyed those three chords.  I’ve now added the 2006 Greatest Hits CD, which brings together tracks from about 4 different albums.  Most are the ones you’d expect, but I was glad that they’d added Pet Sematery, from the Stephen King movie of the same name.


For whatever reason, this always seemed to be hard to find in the U.S. libraries and I never felt like risking a purchase (and a subsequent return).  The City Hall branch recently had a few on the shelves, so I tried out 2005 Calypso Compilation – the Perfect Mix, Volume 2.  It’s a nice mixture of sounds – not all steel drum (although I could listen to that all day!) – and vocals.  I’ve not listened to it long enough yet to single out any favorites.

Blues (Brothers)

Blues aficionados wouldn’t consider this blues music but I have always had a soft spot for the Blues Brothers.  But I’d never collected their music until I picked up Essential Blues Brothers, part of the Essential recordings from Atlantic Records (not that you can find the recordings there, hence no link to their site).  My feeling jibes with that of the author of the CD’s liner notes, which is that Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi exposed a lot of people to blues classics who might never have heard them otherwise.  Wayne Cochran‘s Going Back to Miami, Sam and Dave’s Soul Man, and The Chip’s Rubber Biscuit.

    David Whelan

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