Dell Mini 9: May Day, May Day: Airplane Mode Kills Battery

Okay, the title is a bit over the top. I have Ubuntu 8.04 on a Dell Mini 9 netbook and was working on the train home, so I used the Airplane Mode to quickly disable my wi-fi (which was unavailable on the train) and my Bluetooth antennas. I didn’t want to find later that my security on my Bluetooth connection was weaker than I thought! But when I got home, I found that my battery wouldn’t recharge even though the battery icon clearly reflected that I was plugged in. As usual, someone else had found this problem and answered it: Airplane Mode disables your ability to recharge your battery. Although I am on 8.04, it seems to still be a problem on 9.04.¬† I am going to fool around with Airplane Mode, and see if I can just disable the antennas without enabling Airplane Mode, and see what impact that has on whether I can recharge with the antennas off.

David Whelan

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