What Would Pa Do?

This would be my riff on the Christian What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)! Anyone who has read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books will be familiar with the strong character of Charles Ingalls, and who could want a better moral compass? So I was tickled to see a blog discussing Pa’s place as “Pioneer GeekDad”!

The posting on Wired.com discusses all of the ways that Pa is a “maker“.  He builds houses, does all sorts of handiwork, all without power tools (not that he had a choice)!  It’s a funny piece comparing Pa to the modern maker.

I’ve been a fan of Charles ever since I read the “Little House” books to my children.  When he died, The DeSmet News, wrote that

[a]s a friend and neighbor he was always kind and courteous and as a husband and father he was faithful and loving.  And what better can be said of any man?” (from The Story of the Ingalls by William Anderson).

Pa was probably not exceptional in this way – how many people had to survive in similar situations on the frontier? – but anyone reading the stories told by his daughter can’t help but appreciate his strong goodness and amazing ability to turn his hand and energies to support and provide for his family.