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Firefox Extension: Converter

This cool add-on for Mozilla’s Firefox enables a right-click conversion menu for simple metric to imperial conversions. I find that I can remember some of my conversions (celsius, kilograms) but that the ones I don’t use often are harder to keep at the top of my mind. Which can cause other problems!

Converter is the product of Bogdan Stancescu, and is easy to install and configure.  It defaults to converting to metric, so I had to tweak it a bit, by going to the Tools menu, selecting Add-ons, and then clicking on the Converter add-on.

It’s handy as you’re surfing a site and come across an unusual measurement.  When I first returned to Canada, I caught myself reversing pounds and kilograms at the deli, and almost bought a huge amount of meat!  The one that never seems to stick for me is centimeters, which are important with all the snow we’re having.  Now, when I visit Environment Canada’s weather office, I can highlight a snow measurement and convert it.  Eventually I’ll get the conversions down, but it’s nice to have this built in to the browser when going from one to another measuring system.

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