Current Play List: June 2008

Lots of new music this time, thanks to an influx of new discs, bought and borrowed. All the way from 1990s dance (“Move it Move it”) to the Clash and Ramones to more Great Big Sea and their traditional, and not so traditional, music.

Old School

A colleague shared a CD of some favorite punk music, so I was able to get some new versions of favorites by the Ramones and the Clash, as well as tracks by the Psychedelic Furs, the Jam, and others.  A number of the tunes were the kind that you forget you knew, until you hear them, and then the music comes back to you.  Funnily enough, two of the tracks were from soundtracks:  Pretty in Pink by the Psychedelic Furs and Rock and Roll High School by the Ramones.  The latter has a particularly driving drum beat, unlike the other versions I’ve got on plastic and vinyl.

Dance Party

I’m a sucker for dance music generally – although I tend towards music that was played in clubs and bars when I was there, as opposed to what’s on the radio now.  But with the kids listending to Crazy Frog, I felt it was time to get back to the originals (many of which were sampling older tunes!).  I dug up this golden oldie on that ranged from mixes of Everything but the Girl to Real McCoy to Annie Lennox.  With the sublime you get . . . well . . . La Macarena!  But it’s still fun to listen to – great commuting music when you’ve got to hustle for a train!

Where are they now

Which leads me to think about other music I haven’t heard for awhile and, for a number of reasons, never made it into my collection:  the La’s (“There She Goes”), the Charlatan’s (UK!)(“The Only One I Know”), Origin, and so on.  I grabbed a Stone Roses collection when I saw it go by, and over the years have kept some weird favorites that remain fun to listen to even though I wouldn’t necessarily put them in regular rotation.  Things like the dBs or Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (“Shut Up and Dance”)!

More Great Big Sea

I went on a bit of a Great Big Sea buying binge – although I would have bought more if I could have!  I was interested in buying their very first album, but the eponymous disc is only available as an electronic download on their Web site.  But don’t waste your time – unless you’re reading this from OUTSIDE Canada, because you can’t purchase it online from within Canada.  I’ll wait until I go back Stateside and purchase it then.  Instead, I bought the Hard and the Easy double disc (music on one and a great DVD on the other) and the Road Rage disc, which gathers some of the highlights from previous albums.

The great thing about these guys (like I’m the first one to discover this!!) is that they do a great job of updating songs.  The DVD adds some interesting background, for those who want to learn more about the sources.  So, for example, you can follow up on Sean McCann’s (“Shantyman!”) comments about the Old Polina, on the disc, and the Balaena, the song with which it is sometimes confused.  Our current favorites include Lukey’s Boat (not the one you’ll find on the Kindermusik Wiggles and Giggles CD!), General Taylor (alternate source), and the Night that Paddy Murphy Died (one version, and another).