What's Up with Medicine Cabinets?

Body language, clothing selections, and personal decorating are all interesting ways to think about people. If you’ve ever sat in a meeting where someone sits in a funny way, or responds verbally or physically in an unusual manner, it can be easy to “read” into their activity. A new book on “What Your Stuff Says About You” grabbed my attention when it was discussed on NPR. These silent clues about a person are all interesting, but one thing that struck me is the importance of the medicine cabinet!

Mr. Gosling, the author, mentions the medicine cabinet as one of the places he checks when he is “snooping” in Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You.  I’ve rehabbed a couple of bathrooms, and the medicine cabinet is usually one of the first things to go, so it’s not a source of information in our house.  But Amy Sedaris has commented on the other side of medicine cabinet snooping in her book I Like You:  Hospitality Under the Influence, and suggests you fill your cabinet full of marbles when you have guests over.  No matter how careful you are, those falling marbles are going to let everyone know there was more than handwashing going on as you stood at that sink!

With all the talk of privacy, one would think that the average person would cleanse their cabinet of any unusual contents:  special ointments and pills secreted in a bureau drawer, gadgets and doohickeys under the bed, etc.  So it’s funny to think that this is still a tried and true method of learning about people.

Lawyers just starting out at a firm may be wondering what they should (or shouldn’t) be doing with their offices.  I’m looking forward to reading Snoop and analyzing not only what my arrangement of wall art means, but also learning what subtle signals others are sending.