Updated Confidentiality in Digital World Presentation

One of the perks of working at the Law Society of Upper Canada, the lawyer-powered regulator of lawyers and paralegals in Ontario, is occasionally getting asked to contribute to our educational sessions. One of my recurring opportunities has been to talk to lawyers from all over the world who are coming to practice in Ontario. My component of the professional responsibility course they take is talk about managing their client information in a digital world.

Confidentiality for Lawyers in a Digital World

It’s interesting to see how the issues change over time.  I used to spend more time talking about metadata and a variety of defensive products.  The metadata issue is still out there but there are more tools – and awareness – than there used to be, at least among the audiences I get to work with.  Anti-virus, anti-malware, and other software is still widely available but now that Microsoft has bundled together a Security Essentials package, that whole world has become much more simple and cheap to implement for a solo or small firm lawyer.

Here are the slides I gave during the presentation.  If you look at previous versions of this slide deck, you’ll see similarities although I tried to cut back from using the slides as product listings.

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Presented on December 16, 2010, in Toronto.

David Whelan

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