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Storing Files in the Cloud with Dropbox and Sugarsync

My latest column went up on Slaw on using Dropbox and Sugarsync. I am moving away from portable media because I find it less reliable than using content synchronization tools. These cloud-based resources enable me to access information on whichever computer I’m working on. They synchronize to my primary computers (4) but are also available over secure Web connections, so that I can access from anywhere with an Internet connection, including my phone.

I am using all three applications – Dropbox.com, Sugarsync.com, and Tonido.com – at the moment as I figure out what works best for me.  Dropbox has just had an upgrade so the differences that made Sugarsync the better option for me are now available in both programs.  The fact that they all three offer Android apps for remote access makes the choice (if necessary) even harder.

Here is my Slaw.ca column:  Cumulo-Nimble:  File Storage in the Cloud.

Updated:  here is an updated post.

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