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Windows XP Does Not Recognize My Battery

Nothing like waking up to a nice long holiday weekend and having an apparent technical aberration! When one of our Windows XP users started up his laptop this morning, it gave a warning that the battery wasn’t recognized. Since the battery was fine yesterday – and was new nearly 6 weeks ago – it sounded like it was an operating system “enhancement”. I found a tool from Microsoft that fixed the problem.

Windows XP not recognizing batteries on laptops seems to be a common problem.  (Just search Google for “Windows XP doesn’t recognize battery“).  There were a number of references to a now-defunct Web site with an application called Windows Upgrade Repair Tool (WURT) but it was missing in action.  I finally came across a post that linked to a tool on the Microsoft site.  It appears to fix Windows Update errors – which helps to explain why this was such a sudden occurrence, and may make me rethink having Windows automatically update on this machine – and running it fixed the battery recognition error.  You can download it here but here is the Knowledge base article that has the direct link (for the paranoid!).  It appears to be connected to the Microsoft Fixit support site, but I couldn’t find any reference to the downloadable tool.

David Whelan

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