A World Without Secrets

A World Without Secrets by pendragon David Whelan Speaking of dumbing down the populace, it is amazing how little people require in the way of convenience or compensation before they are willing to exchange private information. Credit card use provides a tracking mechanism, frequent flier and other brand-loyalty cards track spending and other habits, and our Web activity is tracked.

I’m really not that paranoid, but found Richard Hunter’s book, A World Without Secrets to be (mostly) well-written and thought provoking.  He relies on some pretty common stories of identity theft and the like but it’s the overall picture he paints that is interesting.  One forgets, in the normal course of life, how often we do things – type in passwords, log onto computers, pass through secured portals (work, school, etc.), pay with traceable items like checks and plastic – that pinpoint where we are and what we are doing.  I fully support the librarians (my own “profession”) for their outspoken opposition to the USA Patriot Act and General Ashcroft.  At least I know one segment of my life is protected from unmonitored invasion.

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