ABA Techshow 2009: Presentations

ABA Techshow 2009: Presentations by David Whelan Another enjoyable visit to Chicago for the 2009 American Bar Association Techshow. Catherine Sanders Rearch and I collaborated on a pair of presentations, one on cost-effective legal research and another on software-as-a-service (SaaS) for lawyers. Techshow remains one of the primary legal technology conferences for North American legal professionals and I was only one among many Canadian participants.

Due to a last minute conflict, I was unable to be at the keynote presentation by Richard Susskind, although it was fortunately made available after the conference as an MP3.  It is speakers and concepts like this that make Techshow such a consistently powerful experience.  Unlike many smaller conferences, there were as many as six simultaneous presentations going on at any given time during the conference.

Catherine Reach and I worked together at the American Bar Association and I’m always thrilled to co-present with her.  Our Software-as-a-Service presentation took the audience through some general SaaS issues and concepts but focused on the impact of SaaS on future upgrades and the impact it can have on maintenance.  The audience for our cost-effective research presentation heard about a variety of free online resources for primary and secondary legal research, both in the US and for foreign legal research.

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