ABA Techshow: Networking, Upgrades

ABA Techshow: Networking, Upgrades by David Whelan The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section has just wrapped up the 2007 ABA Techshow, one of the best legal technology conferences in the country. I participated on panels with Brett Burney discussing networking and Ben Schorr on upgrading systems as part of the Basic IT track. ABA Techshow:  Networking, Upgrades

ABA Techshow 2007 Program

The Networking DIY session introduced attendees to concepts as basic as wiring and types of wireless, what an IP address is, and the like.   Brett Burney is an electronic litigation consultant, has an extensive background in personal and firm technology, and was a great presenter with whom to collaborate.  Ben Schorr is the CEO of Roland Schorr & Tower in Hawaii, and was a wealth of information for our audience in Should I Stay or Should I Go?, a session on upgrading systems. 

It has been a few years since I’d been to Techshow, not for lack of interest.  My first Techshow was in 1993 when I was working with Ray Bishop at Future Law.  It has continued to improve and this year had a real polish and excitement for its participants that I hadn’t remembered.   The exhibit hall alone is worth seeing, but the programming is really far beyond any other conference on law-related information or technology – library, technology, bar association – that I have attended.  While we dealt with meat and potatoes technology on the Basic IT track, attendees could get insight into large firm and small firm technology and best practices, and a lot of cutting edge issues facing lawyers’ use of technology.

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