And the Countdown to Halloween Begins . . .

And the Countdown to Halloween Begins . . . by David Whelan Procrastination is one of those traits that I occasionally embrace. In efforts to be creative, I can spend a lot of time thinking and imagining before getting down to brass tacks and actually doing. The children’s Halloween costumes often seem to fall into this category. They come up with great ideas and each one usually includes, “Could we make” something. This year’s homemade costumes are being enhanced too. Fortunately, 30 days out, we’ve gotten most of the work done! And the Countdown to Halloween Begins . . .

Image by Kevin Rosseell

Our little firefighter (‘s Daddy, let’s be honest) wanted a better air tank.  Or Scott pack as we’re told to call it!!  We used silver metallic Rustoleum spray paint to cover a tall Nescafe coffee can, then punched four holes to enable two rope shoulder straps to go in.  Figure Eight knots work great for securing one end and making the other end the right length for any given child.  They’re easy to undo and redo until you get the length right.  I slit the plastic Nescafe lid and ran a length of about 3 feet of dishwasher clear plastic hose through it.  We rubberbanded the ends together, and taped the ends to a white ventilation mask (5 for $3) with “Duck”-brand tape which gives it a nice silver look.

The Star Wars entry this year is new for me.  We’ve never had an Imperial officer in the family before.  There is a great design for people who do fabric but that was beyond me.  But I used it as a guide to create one out of a couple of sheets of foam.  The foam took stitches pretty well and two 20 inch x 10 inch sheets were plenty for a small hat.  The greeblie (who knew, right?) will probably end up being drawn on with a metallic silver pen.

Continuing in a theme of strong women – it was Boadicea last year! – we will be joined by Bellatrix Lestrange.  So far we’ve solved most needs with $4 at the “dollar” store (where little is still a dollar in this down economy):  fishnet gloves, long nails, and a skull necklace.

Still, there are 30 days to the big day, so who knows what additional alterations we’ll have to work on!!  Happy Samhain!

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