Another Video Interview on Practice Technology

Another Video Interview on Practice Technology by David Whelan This interview with Monica Bay is billed as having predictions about legal technology. Don’t get your hopes up too high, as we discuss commonly anticipated trends. But you can hear me talk a bit about how law firms are having to adapt to consumer technology and how mobile is going to be a large challenge to manage.

You can view the interview here.  I have fielded a number of questions – hardly enough to warrant it being called a trend, though – about using this or that technology.  The questions are all from the lawyers, and are clearly geared to finding out how to take their personal technology and use it more in their practice.  No problem if you are a solo or small firm lawyer, but the larger the organization, the greater the hurdles.  Doug Caddell, the CIO at Foley Lardner, did a very interesting interview, also with Law Technology News, on how law firm IT can approach lawyer technology differently.

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