Axigen Free Mail Server for Ubuntu

To anyone who has read any of my many posts on this site about running my own e-mail server – which I have been doing for ages – you will know that I have gone through a number of applications. I have pretty minimal requirements, but it must be free (not necessarily open source), support Web mail, and support IMAP. That’s about it. I thought I had found the perfect server a few years back when I came across Axigen. Now I am sure it is!

I installed Axigen 6 and was immediately impressed with how easy it was to install.  Honestly, for someone who has installed at least 3 commercial products and who was never able to get the Postfix + Dovecot combination working in Ubuntu, I really like something with an install script and configuration wizard.  Both times I have installed Axigen, I have been up in running in about 30 minutes.

I misunderstood Axigen’s free license, though.  It is a one year license and I thought that was the maximum.  It is not, so if you get the free mail server license from Axigen, you can relicense at the end of each year.

Believe me, it is worth it.  Solos or small law firms (or any Small/Medium Business (SMB)) will get a powerful server for free.  If you run it on Ubuntu like I do, you can get spam protection from Spamassassin.  The Webmail interface is AJAX based, so it is fast and modern feeling.  You are limited to 3 skins but they are all polished.  If you have a larger group (the free server supports 100 mailboxes), you can also take advantage of some of the other groupware and collaboration tools.

Still not enough?  The business license that brings a lot more features is only $600.   This adds wireless e-mail sync, calendaring, and more.

Yes, I realize that there the primary Postfix/Dovecot e-mail solution for Ubuntu is free.  But if you want a really nicely designed Web mail server for a small business or non-profit, I haven’t seen anything comparable to Axigen on Ubuntu.