Back on Linux

Back on Linux by David Whelan I scrounged up an old Dell Optiplex and blasted off Windows and replaced it with a nice fresh installation of Etch. It was the perfect time to migrate this Plone site off Windows once and for all and it couldn’t have been smoother. Back on Linux

Linux Penguin

Debian Etch has got a really nice default interface – somehow even easier to use than Sarge, which I have running on an ancient (as opposed to old) Compaq Presario.  I grabbed the Plone package (plone-site) and the install went like clockwork.  I migrated my extra products and replaced the data.fs file, and I was back in business.  It couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

I have not spent much time in benchmarking Plone on Windows or Plone on Linux, but the Windows machine always *seemed* to be much slower.  And Plone was a significant memory hog, making using any applications on the Windows XP machine far more frustrating than normal.

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