Being a Lynx is Edgier than a Koala

Being a Lynx is Edgier than a Koala by David Whelan Talk about a non-event. Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” was released and, since it is a long term support version (LTS), I knew I would be migrating to it. Currently I have a server running the Ubuntu 8 LTS “Jaunty Jackalope” and my Dell Mini 9 netbook running Ubuntu 9 “Karmic Koala”. Both will need to move forward but I have to leave the server alone for awhile, as it is running an event Web site that is coming up towards its zenith. But I started my upgrade on my netbook, following the instructions at the Ubuntu site. It couldn’t have been easier, and after pressing the upgrade button and clicking through a few dialog questions, downloading a gazillion new files, 10 hours later, I was done! It had retained a lot of my Ubuntu 9 settings but it was nice to have gotten through with no hitches.

The upgrade from Ubuntu 9 to Ubuntu 10 couldn’t have gone more smoothly.  The problems I have with the latest version existed in both 9 and 8 and relate to trying to use dual monitors.  My Mini 9 resolution is 1024×600 and my external monitor has 1440×900, so mirroring displays doesn’t work (it kicks them both down to 800×600) and using extended monitors leaves the panel on my Mini screen but my main work area is on the external monitor.  But it is at least nice to have the monitor control called Monitors in the System menu!

It’s great to be on Lucid Lynx (why not Laconic or Lyrical?) after Karmic Koala with so little effort.  It’s been a long time since I went through an operating system upgrade with Windows.  I’m still on Windows XP and bought it with the service packs on the disk.  I am dreading going to Windows 7 – and this may be what finally moves me off the Windows OS altogether – because I am sure it will not be as smooth an operation as going to Ubuntu 10. Not only does it sound like you have to reinstall all applications on Windows 7, but it’s such a resource hog that I won’t get the fleet experience of Ubuntu.

I’ll enjoy Ubuntu and put off thinking about Windows 7 until it’s more established.  Ubuntu is in such great shape it takes the pressure off having to consider Windows.

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