Best of ABA Techshow 2009. Twice!

Best of ABA Techshow 2009. Twice! by David Whelan The American Bar Association Techshow 2010 is generating a bit of interest as it gears up, and they are highlighting presentations from the 2009 conference. The two sessions I did with Catherine Sanders Reach were selected and the Techshow blog is linking to free copies of our papers on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cost-effective legal research. Best of ABA Techshow 2009.  Twice!

ABA Techshow 2010

The legal research posting is here.  The SaaS posting is here.

Now, if you’re cynical, you might say that they’re not being very selective if they chose BOTH presentations by Catherine and me!  Of course, it could be that we really are that great at talking about these topics, but that would be immodest.  I’ll leave it to you, but hopefully one or both of the papers will be of some use!

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