Blogging on Zope

Blogging on Zope by pendragon I’ve tried PA Blog and CMF Weblog with mixed results. My next try for blogging on Zope/Plone is to just create an additional Plone type and utilize the very complete News and Topic features of Zope. From what I can tell, there’s no reason that a good combination of these two won’t allow for success without a great deal of customization.

PA Blog was a non starter, since I couldn’t get it installed, which I attribute to my newbie qualities!  CMF Weblog installed without a problem but there was some problem with the title.  I could never figure out why (a) the Weblog form never grabbed a title (even though there was a space for it and (b) why in 3 of the 4 zpt templates available, it was referred to as here/Title and in the form it appeared to be portal_title.  In any event, no success although I’m sure that both are either already or will soon be very good applications.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.  I’ve heard this a lot later (more on that some other time) but it seemed to me that the news document type really handles what I need from a blog and I should be able to use topics to give me what I want.  I’d tried this on another project with creating a simple jobs bank and that worked pretty well.  We’ll see.  Here’s the initial post!

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