Bookmarks and Caffeine Lead to Starbucks Wordle Mug

Bookmarks and Caffeine Lead to Starbucks Wordle Mug by David Whelan I was given a Starbucks mug some time ago that has a removable paper template that you can cover with photos or other content to make the mug more personal. For a long time, I kept a collection of family photos, cropped and printed in color on the paper template, in the mug. But I have been playing around with Wordle, the online tool that is well-known for the word clouds it can create. I was curious about what the output of my bookmarks would look like as a Wordle word cloud. Then I realized, this might be a nice new way to personalize my Starbucks mug.

Starbucks Mug with Wordle LinerIf you haven’t visited, visit it and drop in some text or point it at someone’s online bookmarks.  This is what my Delicious bookmarks look like (need to have Java installed – no, no pun intended!).  Once you have clicked the button to create the Wordle (we tried it by dropping in a bunch of Jane Austen’s e-texts from Project Gutenberg too!), you can play around with layout, coloring, and so on.

I took a screen capture of the Wordle (nothing fancy, ALT + PRTSCRN) and pasted it into my image editor.  I then opened up the Starbucks template I had scanned in earlier, and placed it on top.  I walked up to Staples and $0.55 later for a color copy, I was in business.  The bottom of the mug screws off and you curl the template to fit inside the mug.

Now I have a perfect convergence of two of my passions, information and coffee!  

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