Build for Success

Build for Success by pendragon David Whelan I recently had the opportunity to present with Ross Kodner (of Microlaw, Inc.) as part of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Building for Success seminar series. The seminars, continuing legal education oriented toward new lawyers, are interesting collections of topics for the new lawyer and, as importantly, the new business person!

The State Bar is doing their membership (which includes all licensed attorneys in Wisconsin, since it’s a unified bar association) a great service in both providing this kind of basic education but also by taking it on the road.  Ross and I gave the same session in Milwaukee and Madison, and I’ll be reprising my role in Wausau in the future.  Most state bars face this hurdle of reaching members who are often geographically remote from where the CLE courses are provided.  Having a “road show” educational program is a great resource for the many lawyers who are excellent in the law but who may need refreshers or outright education in how to run their business.

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