Buy Simon Singh's Book

Buy Simon Singh’s Book by David Whelan Any of his books. It doesn’t matter which. This man is fighting for free speech and trying to end the corruption that is the libel law in the United Kingdom. And since he’s doing it with his own money, buy one of his books to show support. My personal favorite is The Code Book, and I recommend it for anyone who has any interest in encryption, whether you are a Boy Scout learning about cipher wheels or someone wanting to understand the impact of quantum computing on security.

Here’s a link to the story about Simon Singh’s libel case, which was brought by some chiropractors who’s noses were put out of joint by Dr. Singh’s comments.  I was unable to find the original article, from April 2008, but I’m not sure I would have linked to it because it remains unsettled law here in Canada whether linking to something that was libelous was “publishing” the libel again, essentially getting yourself on the hook for what someone else first said.  You would have thought that we would have been more committed to free speech by now!

In any event, buy Dr. Singh’s books – lots of them.  Here is a link to The Code Book and, another favorite, Big Bang:  Origin of the Universe.  Both very accessible and interesting reads.

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