Case Software & Automation

Case Software & Automation by pendragon David Whelan One of the foundations of any law firm is the management of the information related to the “case”. In some firms, the subject is an injured person; in others it’s a house or someone’s livelihood or an inalienable right. The best way to manage this information is by using technology to keep track of the many details – and conflicts – that can arise when practicing law. My article on case management and automation was published by the Philadelphia Bar Association in March.

The article, at the Philadelphia Bar’s Web site (Adobe Acrobat required), discusses how case management software can assist a firm and the surprising fact that it is used by only about 20% of attorneys. It’s verging on malpractice, in my mind, for a lawyer to set up practice today without automating this most fundamental aspect of her practice: the contact, calendar, and document management associated with every type of case, whether transactional or litigated.

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