Clickable Plone Header

This is one of those little nags. When I migrated to the latest plone, I decided I was going to do as little customization to the templates as possible, relying instead on using PloneCustom.css to make the changes I want. But that meant NOT making the top “logo” of my site clickable with an anchor link, or so I thought. I wanted to do that because it’s a common feature of a site – click the logo at the top, return to the site home page. But some other work I’ve been doing recently led me to an interesting solution – using javascript to make the top <span> tag clickable.

This is a no-brainer to developers who have a lot of CSS and javascript experience.  In the Header file, the portal top is identified by id=portal-top and so in the CSS file, it’s noted at #portal-top.  I wanted the top of the page to look like it was clickable, so I added a line to the style for #portal-top that said

cursor: pointer;

so that when someone mouses over the top logo, they get a pointer, just like over an anchor link.  Then I edited the Header file (which of course what I was trying not to do with an anchor link) where the <span id=portal-tab…> was and added a javascript reference

onClick=”document.location.href=’’; return false”

which can turn a <div> or <span> tag into a clickable element.  I can see some benefits to doing this but mostly I just think it’s an interesting way to make something happen.

I think in the end, it’s encouraged me that the best way to do this is to just add the blasted anchor link and then I get the effect without worrying about visitors having javascript turned on or not!

David Whelan

I improve information access and lead information teams. My books on finding information and managing it and practicing law using cloud computing reflect my interest in information management, technology, law practice, and legal research. I've been a library director in Canada and the US, as well as directing the American Bar Association's Legal Technology Resource Center. I speak and write frequently on information, technology, law library, and law practice issues.