Creating a Book Cover Photomosaic

Creating a Book Cover Photomosaic by David Whelan You won’t ever see my photograph on the Web replaced by a small kitten or flower or baby’s face, like some people do. But I have been thinking about having something less stiff than a standard cropped head for my avatars and profile photos on sites like Twitter, Gravatar, etc. That’s why I was excited to see David Louis Edelman’s post on his blog about using Librarything covers as a basis for a photomosaic. It’s easy and can be done with any type of image folder, although his instructions are for the cataloging, book loving types.

Mr. Edelman’s post can be read here and includes all the links you need, including a link to Librarything that will display all of your images.  Right click on the page once all of your book covers have loaded, save as a complete Web page, and you’re in business.  The folder that contains all of your book covers will become your tile source.

I used Andreamosaic and the whole process, from installing the program to downloading the images to making the first mosaic was about 10 minutes.  This is something I’d been meaning to do for awhile but it wasn’t until we were in a U.S. government office and saw a nice photomosaic of Abraham Lincoln made up of Civil War photos that I was (again) prompted to do it.  Here is my final mosaic, with no covers duplicated:

Photomosaic of David Whelan's Headshot

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