Current Play List – April 2007

Current Play List – April 2007 by David Whelan Still on a bit of a world music kick. Kept some of the bhangra in play, with a good dose of Irish to boot! The newest addition was Ghanaian “high life”! Current Play List - April 2007

Electric Highlife cover from Amazon


A friend of mine in college was from Ghana and I had already got a strong love for ska, reggae, and calypso music.  So when she introduced me to highlife, I was hooked.  Electric Highlife is a great CD (again, courtesy of the Public Library!) although I can’t really vouch for how good or bad these tracks are in the greater highlife universe!  They were recorded in the mid-1980s and so the sound may be much different now.  I really liked the Black Beats Tsutsu Tsosemo and Jealousy by the Beach Scorpions.

Soundtracks & Barbershop

I am not a big soundtrack fan although there are a couple I really enjoy.  I’ve been listening to the Matrix and Matrix Reloaded soundtracks, which make excellent commuting music!  I’ve also had Meredith Willson’s Music Man on at home since the kids saw it at the local high school.

Which led me to check out a couple of barbershop discs – not the film Barbershop!  They were fine but didn’t seem to have the same zing as the Buffalo Bills did in the Music Man!  I tried out Coney Island Baby and Sweet Georgia Brown, both with the top 20 barbershop quartets of their particular year.  If you enjoy a cappella singing, you’ll enjoy either of these disks.  And it’s a great way to learn some older songs, like Wait ’til the Sun Shines, Nellie, which the kids love!

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