Current Play List – January 2007

Current Play List – January 2007 by David Whelan This is blogging navel lint: a list of the CDs currently in rotation in the various places – car, home, work – where I listen to music. I don’t iPod or use MP3 players or music download sites, but fortunately the local public library has plenty of music and I cycle through my own collection of CDs and LPs as well.


We have been listening both to If I Fall from Grace with God and Essential Pogues. They have some rollicking jigs and reels built into many of their tunes, and the children enjoy dancing to them.

Shane McGowan and the Popes

After the Pogues, McGowan‘s follow up band included some traditional Irish tunes that are fun to listen to, as well as Snake with the Eyes of Garnet.

White Cockatoo

I have long listened to Outback’s Baka, a didjeridoo-based group. It’s a great album for anyone wanting traditional sounding Aboriginal music, not that I know anything about that! Our public library had the White Cockatoo Performing Group‘s White Cockatoo disc. This is perhaps less listenable, but far more traditional and it’s interesting to hear the didjeridoo played to tell a story or play an animal’s sound. Once you’ve listened through once, subsequent listenings are more enjoyable because you can really listen for what the group is doing.

Sea Shanteys

When we were in Maryland visiting the U.S.S. Constellation (visit!), we found a great disc by Hank Cramer, called The Shantyman. It has a lot of the more traditional songs as well as some less usual ones. We have a number of other shanty CDs (and I know that the contain other tunes, like forebitters, etc., but I haven’t read a book like Stan Hugill’s Shanties from the Seven Seas so I’m not really sure what’s what).  The latest addition is getting a lot of play, and is the Smithsonian’s Folkways Classic Maritime Music, which has Hugill and many others singing.  Mystic Sea Port’s 24th Annual Sea Music Festival also has some great tunes, and I find myself playing these two over and over again:  Ye Mariner’s All (with the inestimable John Roberts) singing the Yangtze River Chantey, and Tom LewisChristmas at Sea with words by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Ever Present Ska

As always, I have some ska in rotation.  Some standard stuff like English Beat’s I Just Can’t Stop It, and the soundtrack to Dance Craze.  A two disc set of ska that I picked up on a discount shelf in a Border’s book store, called Skarmageddon Vol. 3, has a lot of good tunes, and I ended up burning a single CD of the best bits, including Angry Planet’s Robbin’ Hood.