Current Play List – July 2007

Current Play List – July 2007 by David Whelan I’ve been caught up with a number of things and June sort of slipped by. It’s been a time for a lot of comfort music – ska, 80’s alternative – and a lot of travel (Denver, Toronto, New Orleans). I’ve been leaning on the Public Library more than ever, as many of my CDs are boxed up and unavailable. Current Play List - July 2007

Skarmageddon 3


This is such a standard part of my play lists but I went back to a collection of recent ska music I picked up by chance in Chicago a few years ago.  I’d walked in to the Borders on Michigan Avenue and was just nosing around – it’s not where I’d normally buy CDs.  But in their CD racks, in the cheap/discount discs, there were a bunch of ska compilations.  I’ve found them all to be enjoyable but my favorite are Ska United and Skarmageddon

So Skarmageddon’s been back in rotation.  It’s got some odd songs – like My Hamster is Dead (Mi Hamster es Muerto) by Two Thousand Flushes – but my favorites include The Rhino by  The Studebakers, Sideshow by Sgt. Scagnetti, and Robbin Hood by Angry Planet.


I have been on the hold list at the Public Library for an 80s 4 disc set called Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the 80s Underground, from Rhino.  The discs cover just about anything (good) you can remember from 80s music!  There are the obvious songs that I’d have expected:  Mirror in the Bathroom (English Beat), Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes), Black Celebration (Depeche Mode).  But the 80s weren’t entirely my decade, so I was a johnny-come-lately to much of this music.  I heard the dbs sing Amplifier because my ultra cool sister played it for me!  Some songs you know you’ve heard – like Oblivious by Aztec Camera – but wouldn’t necessarily have remembered who’d played them.  I have to admit to hit replay for a few, like Ana Ng (They Might Be Giants), Punk Rock Girl (Dead Milkmen), and She Bangs the Drum (The Stone Roses).

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