Current Play List – March 2007

Still in a bit of a world music phase, with a heavy influence from Bollywood! I saw “Kandukondain Kandukondain” and “Bride & Prejudice”, based on the Jane Austen novels “Sense and Sensibility” and “Pride and Prejudice”, and they jump-started an interest in these grooves.

Bollywood and Bhangra

I was able to once again rely on our wonderful public library to get started.  The first, Bhangra: the Sound of Bollywood has some great tunes and the entire disk is worth a listen.  Bhangra, according to this Wikipedia description, is a lively Punjabi dance.  The sound of the drum, the dhol, drives the music.  If you’ve heard the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack, you’ll recognize the sound from the track Punjabiyan Di Shaan, by Hans Raj Hans.

The second is a two disk set called A Night in Bombay.  Disk 1 is a bit better than 2, and the whole collection is a bit weaker than the Bhangra disk.  But there’s still something of a hook to all of this music.


My dad is a fiddler – primarily Morris Dance although he can play just about anything.  He was going to a workshop to learn about Cajun fiddling and that got me wondering what there was in the way of “current” music.  I about wore out a Buckwheat Zydeco tape, although zydeco‘s not the same as cajun music.  So I’m spinning through the Rough Guide to Cajun and Zydeco music.  The Rough Guides (both disks and travel guides) are pretty reliable, although they may not be as adventurous.