Don't Let Laptop Theft Prey On Your Mind

Don’t Let Laptop Theft Prey On Your Mind by David Whelan I’ve had a recent expansion in my laptop stable, with a couple of cast offs. They won’t run a current Windows release and I’m going to run Ubuntu on them. But I’m a bit more sensitive about laptop theft now that we have a number of laptops leaving the house, rather than just mine. I use encryption on any files that I want to protect but I was interested in having an additional layer of remote access to the laptop if it was stolen. Prey is a good solution for anyone looking for laptop anti-theft software. Don't Let Laptop Theft Prey On Your Mind

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Prey is a computer tracking application.  It is open-source and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs.  You can use it on a laptop or desktop.  While the laptop is an obvious choice, you might consider using it on a desktop too just in case someone breaks into your office or home and walks out with the PC CPU.

It doesn’t protect your computer.  You still need to use a product like Truecrypt to encrypt your entire PC or specific files.  As the Prey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) explains, a thief could still format the PC so if you have no BIOS password and they can restart it, you may be out of luck.

If the thief tries to use it without formatting it, Prey can connect to the Prey server and deliver information about where the computer is.

It’s free for a 3 computer account.  You can buy monthly service for a larger number of PCs.


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