Don't Miss Windows 2003 Small Biz Server

Don’t Miss Windows 2003 Small Biz Server by pendragon Say what you will about Microsoft, it’s business practices, etc., they are clearly on track to lock up the legal market for basic office functionality. The release yesterday of their Windows 2003 Small Business Server is a fantastic step forward on sealing a deal with lawyers on the back-end. The server includes Exchange 2003, Sharepoint, and many other functions for a price that is easy to justify.

Now, does that mean you can ignore all of the security threats?  Of course not.  But while Linux is being promoted as an economic alternative to Windows, there is no getting past the compatibility and ease of use that Windows offers to the small law firm that is relying on internal know-how and temporary technical expertise to ensure that its systems are running.

Windows 2003 Small Business Server

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