Duke Law School Presentation

Duke Law School Presentation by pendragon Contributors: David Whelan David Whelan I had a delightful opportunity in mid January to travel to Duke’s Law School in Durham, N.C., to kick off their Technology and the Law lecture series. The focus of the talk was technology in large law firms and trends in lawyer use of technology.

The vast majority of lawyers do not work in large law firms, varying in size from 50 to 3500 based on who you talk to. Most lawyers are sole practitioners in working in smaller firms – 5, 10, 20 lawyers – and are local or regional at best. Martindale-Hubbell identifies 3500 law offices with more than 50 lawyers in them in the United States. But since the National Law Journal Top 250 list of firms by lawyer count covers 108,000 lawyers, many of those 3500 offices are probably represented by the largest firms.

Much of what you will read in the legal technology press, especially in Law Technology News, is geared towards the large law firm. Other lawyers will get better mileage out of Law Office Computing or the ABA’s own Law Practice Management magazine.

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