Fight to the Last Drop

Fight to the Last Drop by pendragon David Whelan I don’t have anything fundamentally against fundamentalist religious clerics, whether you’re talking Islam, Judaism, Christianity, whatever. I do enjoy a bit of oratorical flare, though, and was quite taken with Moqtada al-Sadr’s latest tossing of the gauntlet. He has indicated that he, and his irregular army, will stay to his “last drop of blood”.

One of the things I’m enjoying at my new position is a commute with National Public Radio turned on. Today’s All Things Considered program noted that al-Sadr, a leading Shiite religious leader, had pledged to remain in the holy city of Najaf until his “last drop of blood”.

I am not a medic but I do know that a typical adult, even one holier than I am, requires a certain amount of blood to stay alive. What occurred to me on my commute is that Mr. al-Sadr probably won’t be in much condition to do anything at the last drop. I am also making the rather strong assumption that he will not be subjected to a blood-sucking attacker, whether vampire or leech, and therefore is likely to have a certain amount of blood greater than a drop in his blood to give him some nice clots and blotches!

So, fight on to that last drop. While it is unlikely to be the same as Theodore Roosevelt’s comment about Maxwell House coffee, that it is “good to the last drop”, it will be interesting to know how much is left at the end. My guess is that, like most crazed leaders, the arrow on the gauge is likely to be closer to full than empty.

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