Finding Social Media for Marketing, Business Intelligence

Finding Social Media for Marketing, Business Intelligence by David Whelan The life of the law librarian is never dull and for many years there has been a noticeable shift from traditional legal research to assisting in business development and business and competitive intelligence. How much a law librarian does will depend on the firm and the position of the librarian within it. An increasingly easy resource to tap are the many social media resources – from blogs and their comments to life-streaming services like Twitter or Jaiku – that are available on the Web. Not only are they available, they offer content that may be more off the cuff and informal than other corporate-vetted content. I write about how to find some of this information in this month’s Web Watch in Law Technology News.

You can read the whole article, called Dowsing for Gold, at the Law Technology News site.

An information professional may not find much new there.  I hit the typical highlights, looking particularly at Twitter information that you can find using or Google.  Google announced its new Replay tool and that it was going to make searchable the entire public Twitterverse going back to 2006 the day I finalized my text, so that only gets a brief mention.

I also mention LinkedIn, which is a great resource for people information and which has now started a following feature so you can keep an eye on people moving into or out of a particular company.  LinkedIn actually has a nice Twitter widget now, which can help you to see your Twitter feeds.

The real innovation is happening in the real time search and of all the tools I mention, I think is my favorite as the resource that mines the most different things.  Do a search and compare even just the Twitter results to those retrieved by Bing and Google and it seems to do a much better job.

Of course, you could buy my book and find out MUCH more about search and finding information!

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