Four Years Old

Four Years Old by David Whelan Argos joined us in the spring of 2008 after we adopted him from the Ontario SPCA facility in Newmarket. He is a mixture of beagle and Labrador retriever. Although we have taken a number of pictures of him, my daughter’s photo below is my favorite one so far. Four Years Old

Argos by G.S. Whelan (c) 2009

He turns 4 this month and I wouldn’t normally post but I really like this photo of him.  He is named after Odysseus’ faithful hound, not the mediocre Toronto-based Canadian Football League team.  He is a bit high strung still but has settled down a lot since he first came here.  The photo highlights his retriever profile but he’s got quite a pointy muzzle from front and is black as night except for some white chest patches and copper highights here and there around his head, neck, and legs.

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