Free Joomla Templates

Free Joomla Templates by David Whelan I volunteer for 2 groups as their Web grunt, because it’s a skill (such as it is) that I can provide that often others can’t. I’ve relied on Joomla for both groups because it enables me to create an environment and then let others provide the content. Thanks to some excellent free Joomla templates, I’ve been able to skin each site and customize it without much difficulty, and eliminating some of the sameness of CMS sites (including Plone!).

My first site uses the MixItUp template from Yannick Lord.  The site ( is fixed width and for the most part is only a color change from the MixItUp template, with a new logo.  I can’t find a version of it any more, although it used to be available from MamboPortal.

The second site uses the Dezine Depot’s free templates.  These are nice and easy to implement, and very similar to the default Joomla template.   But, significantly, the CSS file for this template is easy to customize and, unlike many other CSS files for templates, I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out why a style called in the index.php file wasn’t referenced in the CSS file.  I used the green version of the Dezine Depot’s templates on

I am working on a new site that is based on the Joomla Shack’s Nova template.  This was a more significant challenge than the Dezine Depot or MixItUp template, because it eliminates the left and right blocks and uses specialty blocks below the main text.  I’m still wrestling with it a bit but the site is at least to the point where I can start getting input from the potential users.

If you’re looking for Joomla templates, there are probably fantastic commercial templates.  But I’ve found that the ones named above, and the ones available at, are excellent starting points for you if you (or your organization) want to attempt a professional looking CMS on the cheap.

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