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Get Palm Music by David Whelan America is the land of choice, the place where one never has to take the default option! So when I looked at the Pocket Tunes player from included on my Palm, and realized that it wouldn’t synchronize with my Windows Media Player 11, I started looking for options. After trolling through the usual suspects, I located’s RealPlayer Mobile, and it looks like it will do the trick. Get Palm Music

RealPlayer Mobile for Palm(one) Devices (from

Pocket Tunes is a nice enough application – in fact, the RealPlayer appears to be a near copy of look and features.  But the real promise for me is in the ability to synchronize from my PC to my Palm without mucking about with extra hardware.  The so-called RealPlayer for Mobile is only available for a handful of devices, including Palm 5 OS PDAs.  I wasn’t ready to commit to giving my credit card information, which is required to get the Realplayer Mobile version 1.6.1 (for US users) because it integrates with the online music store.  But “worldwide users” can download version 1.6.0 and it comes with no strings attached.

Assuming the synchronization between the PC and Palm application work as billed, I’ll remove Pocket Tunes to save space.

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