Internet Legal Research Manual Published

Internet Legal Research Manual Published by David Whelan The Ohio State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education (CLE) has published my Internet legal research manual! You know you’ve arrived as a librarian when you have an authority record in catalogs as an author. This is the culmination of a CLE course I developed for the lawyers at our county law library. Internet Legal Research Manual Published

High Octane Internet Legal Research

There was so much to talk about, the CLE seminar ended up running over 3 hours and the documentation for the presentation was more extensive than any I’d done before.  After giving the seminar 4 or 5 times over two years, I decided that I’d probably wrung out the interest of our own lawyers but it seemed a pity not to do something with the materials.  I contacted the OSBA to see if they’d be interested in publishing some version of the materials and we went from there.

It’s not earth shaking but for a typical lawyer in Ohio, there are probably a number of search tips – especially using Google or other search engines to access Ohio government content – that will be helpful in their practice.  These are nothing new to law librarians, but I’m hoping it will enable lawyers to leverage free resources more using free search tools.

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