IRA Trying for Legitimacy?

IRA Trying for Legitimacy? by pendragon David Whelan The murder of Robert McCartney has gained a lot of attention, in part because it is the Republicans of Belfast who are speaking out against the IRA’s thugs. I thought the comments of the sisters as interviewed on National Public Radio eloquently stated the shift of the IRA from separatists to killers and malcontents. The American reaction to Gerry Adams this St. Patrick’s Day has been interesting and, for the first, time gives hopes that the American government will treat all terrorists equally. The McCartney story (Irish Times) cast an opportune spotlight on the continuing heinous crimes committed by so-called Irish Republicans.  I was surprised at how many appear to live in the greater Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) area.  On Gerry Adams recent sojourn there, a city councilman presented him with the key to the city.  Adams’ explanations of the distance between his party, Sinn Fein, and the Irish Republican Army  (see also Real IRA, the group that is suspected of committed the Omagh bombings (BBC)) were disingenous to say the least.

Throughout the discussion of McCartney and the murders, I was struck by parallels with the Middle East.  The IRA seemingly attempted to place itself in the equivalent role of the Palestinian Authority, not quite a government but a non-governmental, terrorist-backed group that pretended to perform governmental functions.  Similarly, the politicians in Ramallah, Beirut, and Dublin seem to share the same knack of disclaiming authority, or certainly any control, over the terrorist organizations (Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, IRA, etc.) that prop them up and continue to stoke the fires that enable them to retain support of their respective oppressed peoples.

The snubbing of Gerry Adams is an appropriate first step by our “nuculer” president in his war on “terror”(ism) in respect to the Irish Republican Army.  Adams, Martin McGuinness, and the other Sinn Fein/IRA graduates deserve the same frank handling that other terrorist groups receive at the hands of American military and security forces around the world.  

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