Linux on the Desktop

Linux on the Desktop by pendragon David Whelan Linux has made substantial inroads in enterprises and other organizations on the server side but the desktop linux installations are fewer. Especially in the legal world, where Windows is paramount, it’s still rather a novelty.

A recent review in gave an excellent overview of how Linux can be successful as a desktop operating system as well as more detailed reviews of LindowsOS and Xandros Desktop, which provide GUI interfaces to Linux for desktop users.  This is heartening, because the Windows GUI – as bad as it is – is still a comfortable environment after all these years and Linux’s lack of an equivalent is a drawback.

Also good news is the growing number of vendors who are distributing Linux and also now offering to indemnify purchasers in case those SCO Group idiots are able to persuade any judge that they have legitimate claims.  Now they’ve lobbied Congress to raise questions regarding the validity of open-source software and the General Public License.

So keep your eye on Linux on the desktop and if you’ve got questions (and you probably should) about the ongoing manageability of desktop OS from Microsoft that appears to be continuing its lack of consistency, this may be the upgrade path rather than the next Microsoft beta OS.

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