Loving Readability

Loving Readability by David Whelan I spend a lot of time reading on the Web. Unlike Nicholas Carr and others who decry diminishing reading and blame it on the Internet, I find reading online is different but not necessarily worse or better than reading offline. I am a ravenous print consumer (although no newspapers and few magazines) but have read books on my Palm T|X device and read lots of blogs, Web sites, and other electronic texts. There is still room for plenty of improvement, and the Readability project seems to be a huge step forward.

This little tool does exactly what it implies.  It improves the readability of Web pages, by stripping out all of the dreck that is not the primary content.  It eliminates the ads, portlets, whatever other nonsense that is a distraction from reading, and bumps the font size up to make it even easier to read.

Hat tip to David Pogue’s Bits Blog

The only drawback for me was that the tool works from the bookmark bar, and I always disable mine in Firefox.  In this case,

  • I activated the bookmarks bar;
  • Dragged the bookmarklet to the bar;
  • Right-clicked to customize my Firefox interface;
  • Dragged my bookmarks up on to my Navigation bar;
  • and deactivated my bookmarks bar.

Now I can activate readability quickly and still rely on my Google and Delicious bookmarks.

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