Managing Information Overload

Managing Information Overload by David Whelan Here is my Powerpoint slide deck from a continuing legal education (CLE) seminar I participated in, on the topic of managing information overload. The three of us, all librarians at the Great Library, gave tips and ideas on how to use information better, from being selective about which sites you rely on, to being more creative in controlling e-mail and RSS. This was an interesting experience in two ways. First, half of our audience connected in remotely over webinar technology, so we had to keep in mind that, although our physical audience was there, the cameras for our remote audience were above us. Second, our audience was mostly solos and small firm lawyers with an interest in information management (CLE isn’t required in Ontario, so there was no compulsory element!) and how to be more efficient. It can be hard to translate librarian concepts, otherwise portable to law practice, into relevant examples for lawyers.

I’ve tried using Powerpoint’s export function in the past, with varying degrees of success.  I thought I might load these up as a flat slide deck but then I found and downloaded the iSpring Free add-in for Powerpoint 2007.  It saves the slide deck with transitions, something I haven’t been able to do on

Now if I could just get the Flash file to embed in the Plone document!!

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