March 2004: New Content

March 2004: New Content by pendragon David Whelan I don’t normally bother to announce new content additions to this site. For one thing, most new additions are caught via one of the automatically updated slots on the side of each page. But this content includes old presentations and files that I had been holding off adding to the site for logistical reasons.

What are they?  Well, I had yet to stumble onto the ability to FTP large numbers of files into a Zope system.  Clearly, no-one wants to upload a thousand individual files, one at a time, rather than in one big burst.  I finally got to the point of investigating my options and this – like everything else so far with Zope/Plone – could not have been easier to accomplish.  Here’s what’s new:

Archived presentations, including a number of wireless LAN presentations I did in 1999 to 2001

Pathfinders, which are bibliographic tools for finding information, on bagpiping and the extraterritorial applicability of US labor law.  Both of these are dated, but might still be of use to someone who is looking for somewhere to start.

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